Press release – Massacre at Kenyan University

3 April 2015

The Federation of Muslim Organisations (FMO) condemns in the strongest terms possible the killing of at least 147 people at Garissa University in north-eastern Kenya, near Somalia. That the tragedy occurred at an institute of learning shows the killers have no respect for human life; targeting civilians in a senseless manner.

This tragedy is the latest in a worldwide cycle of violence which continues to claim the lives of many innocent people across different continents. We implore all those actors involved at the highest levels of government and leadership across the world to work together to bring about a peaceful diplomatic resolution as possible to what is an unacceptable and horrific state of affairs which has tragically seen acts of abhorrent violence and general venomous vitriol become an almost daily occurrence. 

At this most difficult time our thoughts are with the friends and family of the deceased in Kenya as they endure the most unimaginable pain. Our thoughts are also with the countless innocent civilians caught up in bloody conflicts in places such as Syria, Iraq and Yemen which has seen many millions of people either killed, injured and displaced. In all of these places we hope for a swift and peaceful resolution which helps to end the cycle of violence for the sake of all humanity.


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