Come dine with us: Join our Hindu-Muslim friendship meals

Some of the 60 participants in our new Hindu-Muslim Friendship Meals project at the launch event at Bobby's Restaurant.

The most memorable meals are often about more than just the food.

They’re about the people you share a table with, the laughs and stories you swap, and above all the deep sense of community that comes from eating together.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with the wonderful St Philip’s Centre to organise a dinner series called ’Hindu-Muslim Friendship Meals’, making it possible for Muslim and Hindu families to host each other for a meal in their homes or meet for dinner in a restaurant.

We launched the initiative on Saturday 18 January with tea at a local restaurant and it was wonderful to see so many people from both communities coming together in friendship to break roti, nan and barriers together!

So far, we have 60 participants and we’re always looking for more people to join in and enjoy this fun way to meet new people, learn more about different communities and strengthen relationships between families.

It’s easy to get involved: once you’ve expressed an interest, we will put you and your family in touch with a family from another community. Then it’s a case of deciding who will host first (or where you’d like to go out to eat) and sharing a meal together. We hope you’ll swap a few weeks later – and we really hope that you’ll repeat the experience.

We look forward to hearing about the meals and recipes shared, and all the wonderful conversations and connections forged over the next few months will be shared at a celebration event later in the year.

It’s a simple act but eating together presents a perfect opportunity for us to teach, share and show that we care for one another – and to build a stronger, more accepting city in the process. So, get in touch if you’d like to join in – as they say, the people who give you their food give you their heart.

If you are interested in being twinned with another person or family email and we’ll send you more details. If you’d like to talk anything through, please call 0116 2733459 to chat to St Philips Centre.

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