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Press release - Woolwich murder


27 May 2013

Federation of Muslim Organisations (FMO) would like to take this opportunity to commend the Muslim community for its just response to the atrocious murder of Drummer Lee Rigby on Wednesday 22 May.

Federation PR Officer Suleman Nagdi said 'It has been humbling to see so many of the Muslim community up and down the UK that we all share, united in condemnation of what was truly a horrific crime. Islam is a religion of peace and we have been reminded of this yet again as so many Muslims have taken the lead in speaking out against evil.

On a local level there have been numerous examples of condemnation, including the FMO issuing various statements. Many Masjids (Mosques) have condemned it during Friday prayers. I have personally witnessed coverage on Radio Seerah condemning the incident as well as a sermon by Sheikh Muhammad Sindhi of Masjid Umar, Evington Leicester when he spoke out against the awful crime. Moreover, Sheikh Riyadh ul-Haq, Al Kawthar Academy has expressed his deepest sadness and condemnation at what unfolded in Woolwich, in a conversation with me.

Many of our scholars and religious leaders have spoken against the vile phenomenon that is violent extremism in all its hideous guises and we strongly support them in their efforts as they continue to speak out whenever and wherever violence occurs.'


Suleman Nagdi
Federation of Muslim Organisations



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