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About FMO Radio Ramadhan

The FMO have been broadcasting Radio Ramadhan for over 10 years now and each year the team grows and becomes even more efficient. The preparation for radio Ramadhan always encounters a number of critical decisions in regards to becoming a totally independent radio station. Alhumdullah over the years we have moved away from established radio stations and set up our own studio at the FMO offices within the heart of the Muslim community. There are still improvements to be made to support the volunteer presenters to deliver high quality shows. Some of the improvements made are better sound dampening equipment, air conditioning, better computer systems, podcasting and better monitoring systems.


Pledge days are always a focal point where the charities are able to raise in excess of £100,000 for the most needy around the world. The FMO have been working closely with all the eligible charities to ensure that the selection process caters for all their needs. The FMO are looking into developing a sub-committee to work closer with charities throughout the year so that we can explore potential avenues and start up new and innovative projects.


The schedule for the year will be structured in a similar manner to the previous years where a range of shows are delivered to cater for the diverse needs of the Muslim community. Some of the feedback from previous years include the involvement of young Alims, greater involvement of the Alimas within the sisters show and to continue with the late night bayaans.

FMO Radio Ramadhan is improving opportunities for local businesses to support the radio by offering limited time on air to promote their services. Pricing structures are set up so that it supports small businesses  but also to avoid the overload of promotional messages on the days closer to Eid.

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